The anti-smoking movement is funded with hundreds of millions of your tax dollars plus more hundreds of millions of PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY MONEY. 



Right now, the anti-smoking industry is sending teams of professional lobbyists from state to state, and city or county by city or county.  They are attempting to shove smoking prohibition all over the USA, piece by piece.  Worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry is attempting to get rid of it’s COMPETITOR, the tobacco industry.

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Illinois Smokers Rights

Being a state, county, or city 'coordinator' for ASP is FREE, and you can run your own thing any way you want.  ALL you need do is VOLUNTEER.  Send email to , and VOLUNTEER NOW.  If you don't have a website for your state, you are welcome to send info to me, and I'll add a page for your area, with an address (and if pertinent),COUNTY/ CITY .  If you already have a website, we would like to LINK to it.  If I actually get some volunteers this time, I will make a 'boiler plate' form that can be used. If you can make your own webpages, and want to use the ASP domain, you can email me the files and I'll post them for you in your area's directory.


We don’t intend to replace any existing political parties. We are about forming a VOTING BLOCK for OUR ISSUE.


We need volunteers to coordinate ASP in each state, city, county, and state & federal congressional district.  

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References WILL be checked—NO anti-smokers need apply. 

Email for INFO, or to VOLUNTEER


I doubt we HAVE two more years - at least if we don't want to see full prohibition across the

entire USA first.  Also, we are up against an incredibly well funded, and well entrenched

opposition who will stoop to ANY amount of lies and corruption to get their way. 



Guerilla tactics may be much more effective than a 'formal' approach.


Since we don't intend to replace any other political parties, all we basically need is


0) EVERYONE needs to educate themselves, and help educate others.  We are being LIED TO about health, the damage caused by smoking bans, and many other things.  Here is a new article  about the LIES behind smoking bans .  Until enough people understand that the 'health risks' are LIES, we will probably never get enough folks to fight against the bans to stop them.


I) We will have a pledge form (or petition type list) for folks to make a commitment to vote 'smoker friendly' - then they can print themselves a card (or membership certificate) from the website, and start getting their friends and family signed up


II) We will have a pledge form for CANDIDATES to pledge to vote 'smoker friendly' (if they do NOT sign one, we put them on the 'boot list'=get them out/keep them out of public office.  If they do sign one, it includes permission for us to post it to this website (to help 'keep them honest', also to let other candidates know/help generate peer pressure!) <G>



        A) at state level - to coordinate volunteers for cities,

            counties, and state and federal congressional

            districts in their state (basically, they'll

                1) recruit volunteers to coordinate each area, and keep

                   a list of them for the website,

                2) they will keep track of governor, and top level

                    elected state officials, plus candidates for those offices

-      get them to sign pledges, or give info on website about the

-      ones to remove from (or keep out of) office

                3) Be the contact person for the state.  These can be referred to the local contacts

                    as soon as there are some.

       B) Local Coordinators (by state, for city, county, state, fed

                    Congressional districts)

                    1) Local coordinators will keep track of candidates in their

                        area, Get signed pledges for website and/or names for

                        'boot list'.

                    2) be the contact to respond to inquiries from their area

                    3) goal setting and keeping: Coordinator should find out how many

                        registered voters there ARE in their area, and then give a goal

                        (at least 15%) for each area.  Also, they can count signatures,

                         so we will know if goal is met for each area.  This info will be

                         posted on a page for that area (or on the state page, until there's

                         too much info for that) on the ASP website

                     4) If possible, the local chapters should come up with flyers with voting

                          Information for distribution near election time.  These can be posted

                          to the location's page on this website.     

                      5) Coordinators may recruit volunteers to assist them with any of this.


This looks very simple and 'do able'.  Will it work??? 


In short, YES, it ALREADY HAS, in Champaign, IL.  A couple of months ago, they REPEALED their city smoking ban.  They VOTED OUT TWO of their city commissioners, especially the one who essentially thumbed their nose at the electorate, saying so much as, ‘if you don’t like it, vote me out’.  Then, just a couple of weeks later, the new city council took another vote



Unfortunately, if the Governor of Illinois allows the statewide ban that was voted in to become law, we need ASP Chapters in EVERY Illinois state congressional district, to do this DISTRICT BY DISTRICT.   The statewide ban MUST be REPEALED.


There is NO reason, given a block of at least 15% or so of the electorate in any given city, county, or state or federal congressional district, why this won’t work EVERYWHERE.


All we need to do is grow these lists - find someone from each area to coordinate - and that

should be simple enough for SOMEONE to do, broken down by small areas like that. 


Just about everyone CAN manage to find time to vote, and asking folks to sign a pledge isn't anything that will take huge amounts of anyone's time.  Any of those who want to can get all their friends & family to sign pledges. 


Then, we make sure we all GET OUT AND VOTE THEM OUT.


We will use the website, and info collected by the coordinators to make it EASY for folks to

know which candidates are smoker's friends, and which ones AREN'T.  I'll do my best to keep the website updated for now.  By the way, we are also looking for a full time webmaster for this site.  My plate is already VERY full.



                                                                 Lynda Farley

                                                                 AKA Smokin’ Kentucky Granny

                                                                 Edmonton, KY, 32129    

                                                                 Interim Volunteer 'Webslave' for




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